Let's be honest! Communication, public speaking, and presenting are hard. We all need a little help sometimes. Whether you want to improve frustrating communication, deliver excellent presentations, or stimulate disengaged students, Kyle Mullaney is ready to help!

讓我們開誠布公說吧!溝通,公開演講和教學都很難,我們難免都有需要一些幫助的時候。無論您是想改善令人沮喪的溝通,提供出色的報告,或刺激放棄學習的學生,孟柏凱「Kyle Mullaney」已經準備好協助您了!



About Kyle Mullaney

Kyle Mullaney's path to a training professional started as a kindergarten language teacher. Today he works with individuals and companies to share their passions.

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I offer training, workshops, and consulting to individuals and organizations who want to communicate more effectively. Whether your needs are teacher or employee training, presentation preparation, marketing presentations, or cross-cultural and business communication, learn how I can help you accomplish more.

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A Communicator's Experience

Communication is fundamental to our social and professional experiences yet we so often get it wrong. I explore the interaction between: what we do, communication; the tools we use, language; and the hows, whys, whens, to whoms, and more, culture; to help us learn to communicate passionately, craft our purposes expertly, and prepare effectively.

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